Bacillus Subtilis

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Bacillus Subtilis is a Japan/ Korea/ Turkey/ Egypt/ Vietnam/ Taiwan Registered Biological Fungicide-Wettable Powder formulation -Organic Use Suitable Products -Korea Eco-Friendly Product & Taiwan TOAF listed
·         Active ingredients & Contents :Bacillus subtilis
·         Viable spores of bacillus subtilis ≧1×109 CFU/g
·         Shelf Stability:3 years at room temperature
·         Full package of GLP registration materials
·         It's not only fungicide, it's bio-fungicide for organic farming
·         Safety, non-toxic and environment friendly used bio -fungicide, Zero PHI
·         Crop growth promotion & soil improvement
·         Increasing fertilizer efficacy up to 30%
·         Wide spectrum against various diseases caused by fungi and bacterium
·         High efficacy to soil-born diseases
Size: 250g*60bags/carton